Eczema is a form of chronic inflammation of the skin.
The symptoms are redness, skin edema, itching and dryness, or even bleeding. Eczema is born with it and it can be worsened with exposure to external or environmental factors such as pollen or pet fur, and internal factors such as hormone levels and mental stress.

We recommend below aromatherapy treatments to treat the illness:
- apply on skin: Add 40 drops Essential Oil into 100ml Carrier Oil, 20 drops for children
- bath: Add 7-10 drops Essential oil to bath tub (best work with solvent)

Patchouli Oil

It is a regenerating and anti-inflammatory essence to heal minor wounds.

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Beauty Action

Anti-depressive, antimicrobic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, deodorant, carminative. Helping with dandruff, sores, acne, skin irritations and eczema. It is also being effective for combating nervous disorders. Help people staying calm and balanced.

Key Ingredients

  • 100% Pure Steam Distilled Essential Oil
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Odour: Rich, aromatic-spicy, woody-balsamic, sweet
  • herbaceous
  • Plant Parts: Leaf


  1. Add 5-7 drops (0.3mL) to water in a vaporiser or burner.
  2. Add 10 drops (0.5mL) to 15-25mL of vegetable carrier oil for use in massage.