A delicate, joyful fragrance that make your day. Mixing the precious blends include Rose Otto, Rose de Mai
and other natural herbal essence, replenish endurable hydration and nourishment to body.

Rose Otto Hand Care Duo

Rose Otto Hand Cream (50ml) x1
Rose Hip Oil Organic (30ml) x1
Rose Otto Body Lotion (30ml) x1
Rose Otto Hand Cream (15ml) x1

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Rose Otto Hand Cream (50ml)/(15ml)
Soften and enrich your hands with our Rose Otto Hand Cream formulated with an uplifting blend of pure Rose Otto essential oil and natural herbs. Delicately scented with unique and glamorous fragrance, refresh the mind.

Rose Hip Oil Organic (30ml)
Extracted from Rose Hip which is rich in fatty acids, Vitamin A & C can provide excellent results in premature skin aging, sun damaged skin and scar tissue.

Rose Otto Body Lotion (30ml)
Formulated with moisturizing Rose essential oil, as well as Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut oil, and a blend of herbal extracts help leave skin soft and silky smooth to the touch. Scented with pure essential oils to bring joy and happiness to the senses.

Key Ingredients


  1. Rose Otto Hand Cream (50ml)/(15ml):Apply a small amount to hands, and massage into hands until fully absorbed. Re-apply as required throughout the day.
  2. Rose Hip Oil Organic (30ml):Place a small amount of oil into the palms. Warm the oil by rubbing the hands together and massage onto the body or face gently. Can be used alone or combined to create a synergistic blend with other vegetable oils and essential oils.
  3. Rose Otto Body Lotion (30ml):Massage desired amount into skin until fully absorbed. For best results, use after showering or bathing.