As an expertise of aromatherapy, we provide a wide range professional of accessories, including handcraft burner,
oil holder and essential book to equip you with better knowledge and make it fun.

Wooden Aroma Diffuser, Light

The Wooden Diffuser is made of Mahogany, bringing the nature into home.

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Beauty Action

Key Ingredients


  1. Remove the porcelain cover and plastic cover from the unit. Plug the power adaptor into the DC socket. Add distilled water with not warmer than 55℃ to the tank, not higher than the water level line. Add 3-5 drops of CANVAS essential Oil. Put the upper cover back on the unit. Connect the adaptor to the power supply. Press the power button (MIST button) to turn on the unit. LED lamp to provide soft illumination. When water depletes, the machine turns off automatically.